Do you want to become a member of Rodautors?

The Rodautors Association was born from the idea of ​​creating a strong network of singer-songwriters to enrich together the musical landscape. In 2017, a dream of two singer-songwriter friends was transformed into the First Itinerant Festival of Rodautors and, since that meeting, we are already more than 150 Rodautors members trusting in the project and expanding it all over Catalonia and beyond.

Why join?

Being a member of Rodautors means being part of a family of artists and lovers of author's music and being able to participate in spaces created especially by and for us: meetings of singer-songwriters, professional trainings, cycles and festivals of author's music, composition laboratories and many other proposals born from the desire to share and grow as a community.

In addition, by joining the association you have a whole range of services at reduced prices thanks to our collaborators who, with their discounts, support Rodautors and your artistic projects.

Rodautors is a big family
we are waiting for you!

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