Standing up for singer-songwriters music since 2017

Our story

The Rodautors Association was officially established at the end of 2018, yet the beginnings of the project actually match up with the celebration of the 1st edition of the Rodautors Festival in Penelles (Lleida) in 2017. The festival is organized thanks to the initiative and cooperation of different singer-songwriters who share the goal of highlighting original music and giving visibility to new proposals in order to discover and promote new talents.

Our vision

We work to build a common and integrative project that responds to the professional needs of singer-songwriters. We focus our work on 4 fundamental pillars that complement each other: training, communication, activities and working tools for singer-songwriters.

Our Values

Cooperation and cohesion to strengthen the singer-songwriter scene.

Passion, commitment and perseverance to achieve our goals.

Promoting sensitivity towards author’s work and craftsmanship, in a broad sense.

Generating a community of singer-songwriters who interact in a familiar atmosphere.





Offering advice especialised in the music industry within the singer-songwriter scence.


Promoting all kinds of events in order to bring the singer-songwriters’s music to their audiences.


Promoting our members’ musical projects as well as the various activities they carry out.

Working tools

Providing musical services and trainings to meet our members' needs as well as offering other professional benefits and discounts.


The governing bodies of the Association are the General Assembly, formed by all members of Rodautors, and the Board of Directors, elected by vote at the 2021’s General Assembly.   This is their organization:
  • Esteban Faro, president.
  • Alba García, secretary.
  • José Navarrete, vocalist.
  • Aitor Belacortu, vocal.
  • Manuel Fuentes, member.
To consult the working teams organized in various commissions of volunteers and coordinated by the members of the Board, please check the Association's Volunteering Plan. Volunteer plan


Here you can check the Statutes of the Rodautors Association, approved in 2022.

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